Memorial Nudists

Nudist love their country; at least that’s what I’ve seen. I’ve seen services around the pool to remember the fallen. I’ve seen cork boards with pictures of veterans. Nudist resorts are a great place to spend a holiday. Some places play games
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Hideout in the Sun

  In 1960, Doris Wishman produced a film shot in a nudist resort. It is not pornographic but instead shows wholesome nudists enjoying themselves in their nude paradise. No genitalia is shown but women happily bounce around in pools and families walk
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Off Season Thoughts…

We have been at two resorts during their off-season. I’m not sure I recommend it. The fun of going is meeting new people and discussing what they do as hobbies or their interests. Without them, it’s just you going in a hot
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The New Look

We had to change our look because our web theme got old and gave us technical problems.  Not sure what the final result will be but we hope to have something nice.  Keep Checking Back!