So you’ve decided to give this a try. But where to start? Here’s some suggestions to make your first visit not your last.

Venue: Where are you going? Let’s start with someplace safe. Take a look at the AANR Resort Guide and see if there’s a destination that appeals to you. AANR promotes non-sexual and family nudity.

Another starting point is the iSwimNude iPhone app. If you use this method, be sure to be careful as to what type of resort you’re going to. You should look for words like “lifestyle” or “clothing optional” as they might be places that allow sexual activity.

Nude Beaches are awesome as well. It might be good to find one with a non nude site nearby in case you need to back out.

Another great option is Bare Necessities Cruises but since you will be around 100s of other naked people on a ship for multiple days it might be a little extreme for your first time.

Preparation: You’ll need to take a few things with you (per person):

Two Towels: One for sitting and one for drying. Nudist are required to always sit on towels.

Sunscreen: The sun is awesome but sunburn is not.

Sandals or Water Shoes: There might be some hot concrete waiting for you.

Headgear: Get a hat. Get some sunglasses. You’ll probably need them.

Coverup: Wear a bathing suit below your clothes and have something light to throw on in case you need it.

Always go to the website for your chosen destination prior to showing up to get details about the place. Print or take notes.

Contact the venue and let them know you are new and looking to pay them a visit. They might want to do a background check. See if there are food and drink options or if you can bring your own.

Let’s Go!

Show up early. Some places fill up early. You’ll need to find the office when you arrive. They will want to see your I.D. and will usually ask you to fill out a form and possibly agree to the rules. They will collect their day fees as well.

Many places like to give tours of the resort to new visitors. Definitely take the tour. You’ll get to see the facilities and they will usually give you lots of hints and history about their park. You’ll also see nudists being nudists and get the feel for the environment.

Find a chair by the pool, put a towel on it and strip down to your bathing suit. There will be other people there wearing less. It’s possible that you might feel uncomfortable being the only one dressed but other nudists get it. Nothing says you need to keep your clothes on though, you just have to be comfortable removing them. Most places require nudity in pools and hot tubs.

Nobody tells you this but glance around, don’t stare. You’ll see people of all ages and body types. Some that look better and some that look worse than you. It doesn’t matter, they are just people and without clothes, it’s harder to make judgement about social classes. Everyone is a lot more even in this environment and you shouldn’t have any trouble striking up a conversation with people. Ask how long they’ve been doing it and if they’ve been to other resorts. Besides possibly making friends, you’ll have answers to your questions.

See what activities are available. Many places have activities such as volleyball during the day and maybe a dance in the evening. Karaoke is popular in many places as well.

Some people like to dress when they eat but we’ve been to a resort that gave a free glass of wine to people who came to dinner Nude. Whatever makes you comfortable is the rule.

When you leave, make sure the place you were using is clean and be sure to dress before you exit the park!

There are other resources on this site for information so try and take it in. This really is a lot of fun and you’ll meet some awesome people!