We took a Nude Cruise with Bare Necessities Cruises in 2018 and again in 2020. It was called the Big Nude Boat and it was on the Carnival Victory and the Carnival Legend.

After talking and listening to some people who were going on a nude cruise for the first time, we thought we could share some tips about things we found out.

These are some things we picked up:

  • *These ships are huge and for the first day or so, you’ll need to know where stuff is. Watch some of the YouTube videos people have posted about the ship you’ll be on. It’ll give you a bit more familiarity with the ship.
  • On a Carnival Cruise, You are allowed one 750ml bottle of wine and 12 cans of soda per person in your carry-on luggage. The size of the bottle is actually important. We brought two larger bottles with us and they confiscated one of them at the security check-point.
  • Unless you’ve made other arrangements, when you first get on board you’re going to have some down-time before your room is ready. Head up to the Lido deck. There’s food, bars, hot tubs and pools there. Food is inclusive as soon as you get on-board. If you planned well, you could take a dip or get lunch, etc. This is also a good time to take pictures in the ‘photo-free” zone. Once people are nude, it’s off limits.
  • You won’t have your Sail and Sign card until you get to your cabin but you can still charge back to it by just knowing the number. You can buy drinks and such this way.
  • Once the ship gets to a certain distance from the port, they will make an announcement and you can disrobe. You don’t have to, but many people will. When they tell you to be dressed, make sure you are. The potential time spent Nude on the ship is really a lot. If you’re not ready to see naked people almost all the time, you picked the wrong tour.
  • There are shows that will run a few times on certain days. If that’s something you like, be sure to plan to see them before they end. And yes, clothing is optional (as long as you have a towel).
  • If you booked nude excursions, they will tell you when you can disrobe. You’ll always need to be dressed at the pier and while on shuttle boats to the pier.
  • Do not argue with anyone in power to throw you off the ship. We have heard of people being left at the dock because they broke the rules.
  • Tip well. This is a good general rule when traveling anywhere. Food servers often make a small sub-minimal wage but get to keep their tips. Our rule is at least 20% or $5.00. A $20.00 bill to your cabin steward at the beginning of the cruise will go a long way (you’ve already given them a tip so this is not required, but you get the idea).
  • The drink and soda plans are great if you drink a lot of those items but if you don’t, consider bringing flavor packets that you can add to water and buy occasional drinks as you need to. Cuts down on your sugar intake.
  • Plan to take pictures of your partner or significant other when on nude beaches, etc. If you like to do this type of thing, you’ll never get a better chance. Bring a waterproof camera or waterproof cell phone. If you don’t have one, get a triple sealed fanny pack to keep your stuff in. They are good to have anyway to avoid problems.
  • If you like to snorkel, bring along your own gear for potential snorkel locations. Even if you paid for the excursion, bring your own. If you forgot to pack them, they are available to buy on the ship.
  • Nudists are usually VERY friendly. Make some friends. Go to shows and dinner together.
  • Remember that this is YOUR vacation. Do it YOUR way and have a great time!