The Big Nude Boat 2020 Review (Part 1)

Everyone has their own experiences on a cruise like this. We try to be really positive in everything we do. So here is our good and bad observations from The Bare Necessities 2020 Big Nude Boat on the Carnival Legend.

Day 1: Carnival has a paid option called Faster to the Fun. They guarantee that you get on the ship and to your cabin before anyone else. You also get off the ship first if you want when you return to home port.

We arrived earlier than we were suppose to by maybe an hour. This didn’t stop Carnival from getting us in a priority line for check in and into a special section for others like us with the option. They took Platinum and Stateroom people first and then us. Fair enough since there was maybe 50 of them total. We were on the ship really early. Still 30 minutes before our assigned check-in time. We had enough heavy carry-ons that we wanted to get up to our cabin on Deck 8 ASAP. There was only one elevator for that and it filled quickly (sort of a fail).

When we got to deck 8 the door was closed to the staterooms. We opened it and found our cabin door propped open. The cabin was cleaned and ready but we had no keys. Unsure what to do, we decided to sanitize the room with Lysol wipes. This cruise was during the Coronavirus Crisis. Eventually someone came in and told us we could close the door with our stuff in it and our keys would be there in the mailbox later. We decorated our door and then took the opportunity to explore the ship with our phone cameras and GoPro while it was safe to take pictures.

The Lido deck is on 9. This is the buffet and general outdoor lounging area for the ship. We got a quick lunch and headed back down one flight to our room. One suitcase was there. One still hadn’t shown. Our door keys were there so we went back in and looked to see what our TV options were. Somewhere in there, the ship left port. We waved from our Balcony.

We sat with some new friends we just met at a table and chairs looking out over the water on 9 and the announcement was made by the cruise Director that clothing was optional now. We grabbed some towels to sit on and got our first nude time.

We went to dinner at the restaurant that night and that required clothing be worn. Afterwards, we went to the “Welcome Aboard” show and I was lucky enough to be called for the pre-show and get up on stage. The Cruise Director gave me a box with ping pong balls in it and it was strapped around my waist. I had to shake my Booty to get the balls to come out. I had the one specially colored one out of the box first and that made me win all of the prizes. A bottle of cold champagne, a coupon for a bottle of wine with dinner, a necklace, a small backpack, and a “Ship on a Stick”. Not bad for nothing.

Tomorrow: Key West