This section contains general nudist information that we”ve learned over the years.  Hopefully, it will inform you about many things. New entries will be added as I think of them.

AANR – American Association of Nude Recreation.  National advocacy group promoting the nudist lifestyle.  This organization fights for the rights of nudists wherever required.  There are two types of members, people like you and me, and nudist and clothing optional resorts.  An AANR club will sometimes give discounts to AANR members for day fees and such.  If you plan to travel a lot or just want to keep up on what is happening in the Nudist World, consider becoming a member.  It is money well spent. AANR clubs may require AANR membership in order to be a member of the club.  AANR clubs can offer discounts on AANR membership.

Base Tan – Light skin people need to build up a resistance to the sun.  The use of Sunscreen and tanning oils will aid in getting you there.

Black Ring – Wearing a Black Ring on the right ring finger is a sign that you are looking for lifestyle activities.

Clothing Optional – A clothing optional resort allows clothing to be worn at the attendee’s discretion.  Some clothing optional resorts are “Lifestyle friendly” resorts. Do research on any resort you plan to visit.

Erections (Male) – It is common courtesy that if a male gets an erection that it should be covered with a towel.  

Family Nudist Resort – A place that allows and encourages families with children to attend.  Activities for children are available and adults as well.  These sites have increased rules on inappropriate sexual behavior (for obvious reasons).

Lifestyle – This is a term for people who like to engage in non-monogamous sexual activity.  Another term that is sometimes used is “Swingers”.

Lifestyle Cruise – Cruise ships that offer activities for people in the lifestyle.  

Membership – Nudist Clubs and Resorts often have membership offerings.  This will often allow the member full access at any time to the club.  The memberships may also offer a reduced rate.  Memberships usually renew annually but other offerings may be available.

Naturism – Practicing of non-sexual nudism.  Being closer to nature through nudism.  It is the opposite practice of a lifestyle person.

Nude Beach – This is a beach that allows nudity. Some beaches have designated nude sections.  Nudity is usually permitted but not required.  All nudists should experience this at least once.

Nude Cruise – Cruise ships that allow nudity or make stops at nudist locations.

Nudist – Person that likes the feeling of not wearing clothes.  Nudists come in all shapes and sizes. Also all ages. 

Nudist Community – A housing development that has provisions for residents to live nude.  

Sunscreen – While it seems obvious, always have sunscreen until you’ve built up a “base Tan”.

Swinger or Swinging – See Lifestyle above.

Swing Club – A club or resort that usually allows sexual conduct.  

Tan Lines – Indication that you are new to the nudist community.  You need to spend more time nude.

Towel – All nudist resorts require that you sit or lay on towels.  It’s a sanitary thing.  Make sure to carry a towel at all times.