The Big Nude Boat 2020 Review (Part 3)

Day 3: Sea Day

Usually, you look forward to Sea Days. It’s a time to make friends, see the ship, go to shows, etc.

For some reason, we didn’t do a lot. Our male half sang three Karaoke songs in the afternoon. We also heard some exceptional singers as well.

One of the problems on a Nude Cruise is the lack of deck chairs available. Pretty much, if you don’t have a chair at 6:00am, you probably won’t have one at all. To combat that, Carnival has a 40 minute rule. If you don’t return to your chair in 40 minutes, they move your towels and valuables to a place that you can pick up later and free up the chair. They do this with a sticker they put on your chair with a time on it.

Bare Necessities decided to take over this responsibility themselves BUT lowered the time to 20 minutes. Now, that is NOT enough time to eat even. So what people do is make friends. “Will you watch my chairs while we get something to eat?”. If the chair police tag your neighbor’s chair, you simply remove it maybe 5 or 10 minutes later for them. Nudists are a friendly bunch and love to help each other. This kinda invalidates the chair police though.

Incidentally, we didn’t have deck chairs this day.

No pictures today. The only thing we have is a video of our male half singing nude and NOBODY wants to see that!