Hideout in the Sun


In 1960, Doris Wishman produced a film shot in a nudist resort. It is not pornographic but instead shows wholesome nudists enjoying themselves in their nude paradise.

No genitalia is shown but women happily bounce around in pools and families walk by on their way to some other activity.

The premise is that two thugs rob a bank and end up hiding out in a nudist camp. I won’t spoil the rest of this incredibly bad storyline but it is simply a vehicle to get you into the park and viewing all of the perfect breasts and butts this park had to offer.

So here’s what’s right and wrong with this film. While it shows that nudist locations can be beautiful places with people living happy active lives, the people are not what you’ll find normally. Every shape, size, and age will be there, not just beautiful people.

The film was shot as a silent film and dubbed later so you’ll notice dialog not matching the movement or bad camera angles to cover up the poor sync. Also, avoiding genitalia in a film with nude people is quite the trick but they pull it off rather well.

It’s sold by Retro-Seduction Cinema and is available on DVD. Despite its innocent intentions, Retro Seduction sorta trashes it up by including soft porn trailers on the disc as well.

Do I recommend it? Yes, it’s a great example of pushing the obscenity laws to the limit and subsequently showing nudist as happy fun loving people. That part is really true.