The Big Nude Boat 2020 Review (Part 2)

Day 2 – Key West, FL

Key West is a party town. Right as you get off the ship there is Margaritaville and other bar and grills everywhere. This is a tourist town. How much Nude entertainment is here? One venue. That’s it, just one. The Garden of Eden is a bar on top of The Bull Bar that is clothing optional. It’s up 3 flights of steps and is exposed to the elements. They didn’t open it until 2:00pm ship’s time but being that this was the ONLY Nude venue, we were in. There were towels and lockers for rent and of course a Bar. We weren’t allowed to take pictures up there but you can see a bit of it in this picture:

There are plants lining the rooftop so people on the street can’t see up there. It got really crowded quickly and we were lucky to get a spot sitting on a planter. We just disrobed and sat on our clothes. We both had a margarita and talked to a few people (everyone was from our cruise) and got dressed and left.

We took some pictures around town and went back to the ship.

In the evening, we went to dinner at the additional cost Steakhouse restaurant. It was very nice and the food was excellent.