Why do a website / blog like this? Everybody has an opinion on everything these days.  I feel as though I have an objective opinion meaning that I’ll give you the chance to disappoint or impress me before I write about it.

My wife and I decided that we were nudists in 2010 when we went to a local resort and fell in love with it. We have friends in “the lifestyle” (swinging) but we’re just looking for the tamer aspect of nudism.

I am committed to reviewing all types of nudist resorts and locations with the exception of swing clubs.  If they are lifestyle friendly, I’ll let you know.  Family friendly, the same.  Truth is, lifestylers are rarely comfortable in a family environment and visa-versa. We can walk the line and let you know what to expect.

The most important part of attending a nudist location is to remember that everyone is there to relax and enjoy themselves.  Blend in to your environment and have fun.

Nudism is an incredible freedom but you may have questions.  That’s why I wrote this.  Our experiences at various southern U.S. locations are in the main blog but there are lots of things to learn so let’s get started!

Plan your trip.  Start by going to the Internet and doing some searches for locations you can drive to.

Pay attention to the terms “Nudist” and “Clothing Optional”.  Clothing Optional may mean that the resort is more lifestyle inclined.  Not always, but sometimes.  The term “Family Friendly” will always mean the opposite.

What do you absolutely need on your first visit?  A towel and probably sunscreen.  You always have to have a towel. It is required for sitting or laying.  If you’re going to be outdoors have some easy to remove shoes and a hat and sunglasses.  Most locations will have hot concrete or rocks that you’ll have to navigate and sandals or water shoes make it easier.

You’ll have to register when you get there.  This will require an ID like a driver’s license.  Security is important to nudist locations for obvious reasons.  Some locations have liquor licenses and registration will pre-qualify attendees.  There is usually a cost and it can be as low as free for first time guests or be discounted for members of nudists organizations.  Every location will have their own “day rates”.  Some locations will limit how many visits you can make before becoming a member.   Others will require a certain number of visits before allowing you to become a member.

Membership usually will give you unlimited access to the location.  If you live close to the resort this will pay off quickly.

You may also look into living at the resort or keeping a camper or motorhome there for when you can go.  Larger resorts will have houses, condos,and apartments to rent.

You may get a tour of the place when you get there.  Many locations will take you around on a golf cart to show what they offer.

I took a friend to a resort and he asked me “Where do I get undressed”? The answer is “anywhere you want” (inside the gate).  You might be shy your first time so it’s ok to start off with a bathing suit.  Some locations require nudity in pools.  Also, before going in the pool, you’ll need to get a shower with soap but there are usually showers nearby.

Some resorts have clubhouses with pool tables or other games to play.  Some will rent boats, bicycles, etc.  There’s even a resort with a nude train ride and another that has a private creek to tube in.

Volleyball is huge at nudist locations in both sand and water.  Some will have tournaments and strict rules and others barely have any rules at all.

Nude beaches may have chair or umbrella rentals.  You should find out details before attending.

Make sure you get sunscreen on if you’re going to need it.  Most locations have chairs by the pool.  If it is a busy location, they will fill up early.  Be sure to arrive early if necessary.

You need a towel to sit on at all times. It’s usually good to have spares for drying.  Some people have “hand towels” that are just big enough for the butt.  We had a blast embroidering our towels when we got our embroidery machine. 

Men get erections from time to time.  Most locations request that men cover them with a towel.

Piercings and tattoos are usually welcome but some family locations may ask that offensive art be covered.  

Take a look at The American Association of Nude Recreation (AANR) website.  Lots of great tips and an excellent organization to be a part of.

That’s all we have for you.  Go out and explore your brave nude world!