BN Final Thoughts

As far as our vacation went, this was a blast. Bare Necessities added additional events such as a talks on nudist history, meet ups for groups, a talent show, etc. They also worked with Carnival Cruise Line to create some clothing optional excursions. It was interesting to see people of all shapes, sizes, and nationalities come together and having fun! Everyone rates trips like this differently and people we met had various complaints mostly with the cruise line. The real problem I saw was that there was never enough deck lounges available. I'm told by a frequent textile cruiser that it's normally a problem but add the fact that probably 80% of the people on this cruise want to catch rays on a regular basis and it gets worse. We had to get to the deck at 6am to get two chairs. The cruise line tried to help by putting stickers on towels on the chairs but people wised up and just took them off when they saw them. We actually used ours until 11am and gave them to friends to use at that point. Not many people gambled in the casino. I'm sure the cruise company was disappointed about

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BNB Continued Again!

We had another day at sea on The Big Nude Boat and took in a variety show and some comedians. We had met up with friends we knew from various resorts we've been to. It's funny, you get on the ship and know no one but that doesn't last. The next part of the trip was The ABCs of the Caribbean, the Dutch islands of Curacao, Bonaire, and Aruba. When we got close to the 3 mile border from Curacao the announcement was made that we had to wear clothes everywhere on the ship. We had two excursions planned, Snorkeling, and the Sunset Cruise, both clothing optional. The snorkeling was fun after a pretty bumpy boat ride. When we got back, we found out that the Sunset Cruise was on the same boat. It was a bit too much boating for us but that wasn't the fault of the tour. The following day was Bonaire. We took a Semi-Sub tour of the coral and fish in a boat that you sat down inside and looked out windows on the side. It was neat. Our final island destination was Aruba. We took a UTV tour of the island and saw a

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Bare Necessities Big Nude Boat 2018!

The nudist event of the year is clearly the Big Nude Boat. About 2600 people sign up to travel together with very little on but a smile. Now how naked can you be on such a trip? Good question! On the day we left port in Miami, it looked like an ordinary Carnival Cruise. The ship is The Victory. We boarded the ship and found our way to the Lido deck. This is where you can get food 24*7 and where the pools, water slide, and hot tubs are. We found a couple of chaise lounges and got some lunch and drinks until our room was ready. At the sail-away, everyone was clothed. Some minimally, but clothed. After we were three miles out, an announcement was made that nudity was allowed. Some people were fully nude, some were topless, others fully dressed. Whatever makes you comfortable. And to say there are all shapes and sizes is an understatement. The average age was probably 60 though. It is generally an older crowd but there were a few 20-ish couples onboard. The first port we pulled into on day two was Half Moon Cay, a private Bahamas island owned by the cruise

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