BNB Continued Again!

We had another day at sea on The Big Nude Boat and took in a variety show and some comedians. We had met up with friends we knew from various resorts we’ve been to. It’s funny, you get on the ship and know no one but that doesn’t last.

The next part of the trip was The ABCs of the Caribbean, the Dutch islands of Curacao, Bonaire, and Aruba.

When we got close to the 3 mile border from Curacao the announcement was made that we had to wear clothes everywhere on the ship. We had two excursions planned, Snorkeling, and the Sunset Cruise, both clothing optional. The snorkeling was fun after a pretty bumpy boat ride. When we got back, we found out that the Sunset Cruise was on the same boat. It was a bit too much boating for us but that wasn’t the fault of the tour.

The following day was Bonaire. We took a Semi-Sub tour of the coral and fish in a boat that you sat down inside and looked out windows on the side. It was neat.

Our final island destination was Aruba. We took a UTV tour of the island and saw a fort, a church, and a lighthouse. We had some time to spend shopping so we got off the bus early. After pulling out of port and out three miles we could disrobe at any time for the next two days for our journey back to Miami. There were shows, demonstrations, dances, and fun and sun.