Back at Cypress Cove

We decided that our first trip after Covid should be a Nakation in Florida. We hadn’t been to some of the theme parks for a long time as well so we decided to combine them. We ignored all of our own advice about sunscreen and way overdid it on our first day at the pool. The two theme parks we did wore us out. But Cypress Cove is still one of the nicest nudist destinations in the US!

If you didn’t catch our extensive look at this resort years ago, we’ll catch you up. This place has a large lake with paddle boards and other boats available. Two pools, two hot tubs, a bar with a kitchen, a boutique, a massage service, even a hair and nail salon. We used all of them except the watercraft this trip. There are also tennis courts available as well. The full service restaurant and bar are closed for renovations we were told. There are rooms you can rent and places to park RVs. You can live here in modular homes or RVs. If you want to live a nude life for any period of time, this is the place to do it.