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We moved our motorhome to Serendipity Park in Cleveland, GA and we hadn’t used it much.  Being a holiday weekend, we finally got over to use it.  Our golf cart was very dirty but it cleaned up nicely.   Our friends were wondering where we’ve been.  It’s just been a very busy summer and hard to get away.

Earlier this morning, I met a couple who were “First Timers”.  Their story was the same as most.  Wanted to try it but a little unsure about it until they got here.  They were tent camping and fell in love with the place within hours of being here.  The people at AANR resorts are almost always welcoming and genuine (excluding one club that we went to that wasn’t).  “The Dip” is a perfect place to come for your first time.  They said they will be back and I’m sure they will be.

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