Reflections on Cypress Cove

We’re back home and back to textile life.  A typical day for us was to wake up around 8:00 or 9:00am, brush our teeth, put on some sandals, grab a towel, and head over to the restaurant for breakfast.  Then back to the room to pick up our cart with chair towels and pillows and claim our spot by one of the pools (with an umbrella).

The weather wasn’t very cooperative this trip; we usually had afternoon showers but we got our fair share of sun either on a lounge chair or floating on a pool noodle earlier in the day.

Cheeks Bar is right near the pool and has food most hours that they are open.  Reasonably priced lunch and bar food that is quite good.

The boutique has t-shirts, dresses, towels, men’s shirts, accessories, etc. and was a refuge from the heat as well.

During the week, the facility is mostly inhabited by residents that have retired there.  Everyone is very nice and many willing to strike up a conversation when approached.

The staff were all very friendly and tried to help with your every need.  We’ll really miss Lisa in the restaurant who always had a great smile on her face!  Thursday night is Nude Night in the restaurant; Nude diners receive a free glass of wine.  Most diners seemed to take advantage of the offer (we did).  Scuttlebutt’s bar is attached to the restaurant and has Karaoke at least one night a week.  Fun!

As for cost, with gifts, food, day fees, room and occasionally eating outside the park (and not including it in the total), we averaged about $200.00/day for this trip.  We could probably have done it cheaper but hey, it’s our yearly vacation.

Cypress Cove is one of the nicest nudist resorts we’ve ever been to.  It is closely connected with the AANR.  Worth a visit for sure!

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