Mountain Creek Grove, Cleveland GA – Pt. 2

We decided to revisit “The Grove” for a 3-day weekend in June of 2015.  We had a problem with our motorhome on the first day so we didn’t get out to the pool.  The facilities were nicely kept and we got set up quickly.  We did walk over late to the bar area and there wasn’t much happening.

The following day we got towels on some chairs and got some sun.  Eventually, a water volleyball game broke out and our male half played.  The rules were very loose but it was fun.  This was a theme night so we went with the theme.  It was a potluck dinner and the food was really good.  We talked to some locals during dinner and had pleasant conversation.

This IS a lifestyle resort and we knew that.  After dinner, we walked around the RV court and talked to some people about various things not lifestyle related.  We decided to pull out some chairs and turn our stereo on to a nice reasonable level and enjoy the cool evening air.  Then, things turned bad.

There is a center grassy area where people can tent camp.  Our neighbor decided to pull up a truck in the center area and blast their truck stereo.  We tried to compensate enough so we could enjoy our music, but it was futile.  When the owner and the person that runs the office pulled up to join in the party, we went inside.

Overall, it was a mediocre visit and we felt like we were outsiders in this community.  We were welcomed by the owner and management but maybe our non-lifestyle vibe was coming out.  Non-Members have to wear bright wrist bands so people knew that we were new there, but didn’t seem to try to make us feel welcome. We didn’t go to the night activities.  We felt that we would have been out of place.

We left early on Sunday to avoid the approaching storms.  Some of the members with a utility cart did take our trash to the dumpster for us, that was nice.

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