Mountain Creek Grove, Cleveland GA

Being GA residents, we were curious about Mountain Creek Grove, AKA, ‘The Grove”.  This clothing optional 21 and over resort describes itself as “Lifestyle Friendly”, meaning that the group know as “Swingers” are welcome here.  In contrary to other resorts, sexual contact is permitted and actually encouraged.  The grounds are a bit rustic, with a single hot tub, a large pool, and a clubhouse and outdoor patio.  There are of course chairs for sunning and other activities.  General nudist rules apply with everyone using towels for sitting.  We were there on a Saturday so there was plenty of people around to play water volleyball.  It’s a fun game without a whole lot of rules.

Upon arrival, we paid our day fees and were given a golf cart tour by one of the members.  We saw all of the various campsites (being new RVers) and were explained that the only rule at the club was “No Means No” when it comes to sexual conduct.

Another nice feature of the club is BYOB aspect.  We were able to bring a small cooler with our own beverages to drink.  No other club we’ve been to allows this.

A trailer was set up with a good selection of food for sale for lunch.  Campground sites for short term are located close to the pool area

The sexual aspect of the club is interesting but requires an open mind.  People may be having sex in chairs near you or in the private rooms in the clubhouse. There is a dance on Saturday night with music provided by a DJ on the patio that was pumped into the dance floor.  In addition, there is a Building known as “The Charter House” that has “Lifestyle” parties.  We were unable to attend one of these but the website describes the “Goings on”.

Members and staff were very friendly and seem to be enjoying what they have created.  It’s probably not for some nudist, but it’s a refreshing honest sexually charged environment.  We had a fun day/night and met some really nice people.

Mountain Creek Grove Website