Under the Sun Boutique, Lutz FL

I want to clarify that this blog has and will be non-commercial (unless I release some sort of product myself).  That said, we have been shopping at Renee’s “Under the Sun” for years. She and her partner used to travel to various resorts around the country with a trailer full of dresses and clubwear.  We haven’t seen them for a couple of years and when we had the chance to visit their boutique in Lutz, Florida, we did.

 Renee welcomed us with her wonderful smile and some drinks.  We started looking around at the incredible selection of clothing and accessories. There were things for both men and women, but this was all about our female half.  Renee started by asking what we were looking for and then she started pulling stuff to try while we did the same.

Next, we were in the try-on room which has a screen for privacy, but we’re among nudists so there was no privacy really needed except from someone that might walk in.  Dresses were being tried on and accessories were being added one after another.   We settled on 3 dresses and some accessories.  If you are visiting the area, stop by for an awesome shopping experience!

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