Your Home Club

We spent the past weekend at our home club, Serendipity Park, in Cleveland, GA. We talked to people who drive 5 hours to get to this club because they feel like it’s family. There were several new people there who were welcomed like they were family. I know all clubs aren’t this way but if you’re lucky enough to have one near you that does, try and frequent it as often as possible.

Membership in a good club will allow you to come and go as you please. Memberships can cost $400-$1600 a year (per couple) based on the club and features of the membership. Some include membership in a nudist organization (like AANR) and some do not. If your club is a member of an organization like AANR, you can get a discount on a membership into that organization as well.

We’ve found a great club in Serendipity that is warm and open with respectful people that just want to have fun in the nude. It’s worth looking for a club like this near you!