Serendipity Park

“The Dip” is also located in northern Georgia. It’s a family friendly nudist resort that is on the rustic side. The people are extremely friendly and our first visit came with a tour. There is an indoor hot tub set to as hot as legally allowed. A sauna, nice workout facilities, a snack bar, clubhouse with x-box games for the kids and weekend dance parties for the adults. The main pool is usually used for volleyball but there are lots if nice chairs to get some rays in.

There were some kids around, but the atmosphere was friendly and not sexually charged but comfortable.

Trailers and small cabins are available for rent as well as full camping options.

The Dip is located next to “The Grove”, a swingers nudist resort and distinguishes itself clearly as a family friendly place. When using a GPS use the directions from the website to find a intersection near the park. Ours got us very lost by just the address.

Serendipity Park Website