Paradise Valley

Paradise Valley was the first resort we ever visited. Located in Dawsonville, GA, it sports 3 pools, 2 hot tubs, 2 bars, a restaurant, a clubhouse and some of the nicest condo rooms we’ve ever been in. Paradise Valley gives couples a free visit so we went on a Saturday morning. There is a lot to do. Water and sand volleyball games break out, the people are friendly and this is a crowd that likes to party. On our first visit, our Female half was a little shy. The nice thing about “the Valley” is that it’s clothing optional. This sets a nice tone for people new to resorts like this allowing them to get use to an environment like this. After 10 minutes she was feeling self concience about having clothes on!

The restaurant serves dinner on Friday and Saturday nights. Breakfast on Saturday and Sunday and poolside lunch on Saturday. Meals are large buffets with tasty food. Prices are $6 for breakfast, $7 for poolside lunch, and $8 for dinner.

Friday and Saturday nights have a dance in the main bar with lots of people in all forms of dress attending although it’s a clothing optional resort, most people dress up for the dances.

There are full camping facilities including platform tents available. Motel rooms are available for rent as well as some condo rooms. The Valley has added cabanas that can be rented by the season.

Admission in season is $50/couple per day but annual memberships can be purchased as well.

People we’ve talked to at the valley say that this is the best resort they have ever been to. We’re lucky that it’s 20 minutes from our home. It sets the bar high for this reviewer.

Since this reviews was originally written, Paradise Valley has moved more towards Lifestyle type events. ¬†They have an e-mail newsletter that you can subscribe to with regular updates to what’s going on.

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