Cedar Creek RV Park – Pelion, SC

Cedar Creek is a different kind of Nudist location, it is a Family park.  It is an AANR based park that promotes clean nudist fun.

Cedar Creek is a different kind of Nudist location, it is a Family park.  It is an AANR based park that promotes clean nudist fun.    As for the facilities, it is a spacious 43 acre location with both indoor and outdoor pools, an indoor hot tub, club house with pool tables, and a private creek.

Actually, the private creek is what drove us to checking it out.  You can bring your own tubes and take the creek for a 20 minute float.  The water is pretty cold but it’s an excellent way to relax after a hot day of sunning by the outdoor pool.  There are also hiking trails and places for RVs to be set up for a weekend or all year.  There are limited accomidations available so RV or tent camping are your best bets.


The facilities are clean and very well kept.  It is an outdoor park but doesn’t classify as “Rustic” to us.  It’s just right.



We were greeted by a member who gave us a tour of the facilities and charged us a reasonable rate for a two night stay with our motorhome.  We were really impressed with the people we met.  This was CLEARLY the friendliest group of people we have ever met at any location.  We attribute it to the fact that since nudism is what is the focus of this park, it takes away all of the sexual connotation and people can just be people without any hidden agendas.  We really felt welcome from the moment we entered the park.  People went out of their way to say hello and introduce themselves.



On the Saturday  we visited, there was a Pot-Luck dinner and at night there was modern music by the pool.  The following morning, there was a chapel service, that’s right, a church service.  Many people were nude or topless and it was OK.  The preacher was from Gaza Road Church and travels with his family between nudist locations.  The service was traditional with music and singing in the beginning and finished with a sermon.

Some additional notes on this park.  The location to the park is NOT on their website  and they only allow registered guests. Be sure to get the address before you leave.  Because it is a family park, they take security seriously and will want to know a little bit about you.  Having an AANR membership will help with that.

The last weekend in September is “Nudestock”, a music festival for nudists. We will be reporting from Nudestock but probably without any pictures.  


From the new park owners: Since 2017 we have been an 18+ clothing optional resort. We do not allow children. We do require a family friendly code of conduct in the public areas but we are no longer the type of resort that your reviews reflect. Our business name is Cedar Creek Resort, LLC and no longer Cedar Creek Park or Cedar Creek RV Park.