Cypress Cove Continued…

We've been at Cypress Cove for 3 days now.  There is a really nice restaurant on the lake that is open for breakfast every day.  Full service and reasonable.  Nudity or clothing is acceptable. The resort lets you take canoes or paddleboats out on the lake for free but there's no swimming in the lake because of Alligators. We saw an Alligator from the shore but couldn't find him again from the paddleboat.  Still fun and quite the workout. There are massages available here as well and we both got them.  They offer body wraps and other therapies as well.  Mmmm Relaxing... Cypress Cove Website

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Welcomed home to Cypress Cove!

We decided to visit Cypress Cove in Florida again for our "Naked Holiday" this year.  We've got a villa room that has been renovated since we were last here. As we came through the front gate, the man asked if we had been here before.  We told him we had and he said "Welcome Home"! After driving for seven hours, it was a pleasant gesture. After checking in, we got unpacked and got our "Cove Clothes" on and went down to the pool for some sun.  We took a shower and got in the pool.  We talked with a couple who were visiting for their first time.  That's really the best part about places like Cypress Cove, you meet nice people. After getting pruned fingers, we got out and relaxed in lawn chairs. Only seven days left of this...   Cypress Cove Website

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