Haulover Beach – Miami Beach, FL

We have been wanting to go to a nude beach for some time and although Haulover was 4.5 hours away, we decided to give it a try. The website says it has been described as one of the best nude beaches in the world.  We believe them!  The water was clear and the temperature in early July was perfect. Our trip was awesome!  The only thing that could be made clearer is how everything is laid out for first time beachgoers.  Here are some tips for first timers, from some first timers. The bulk of the parking is located across the street from the beach.  They charge $6.00 to park.  There is a tunnel under the street to get you to the beach. When you come out of the tunnel, there is a lighthouse structure on your left - this is the lifeguard base.  Walk past it and look to your right at the little alleyways leading to the beach.  The first ones you come to don't have signs that mention "naked bathers", but if you keep walking you do come upon signs that do.  There is fence between the Nude and Prude beaches and when you see the signs,

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The Woods RV Park, Land O’ Lakes, FL

 The thing about having a large RV is it's sometimes hard to find places to park it.  The Woods is perfect for that. It is actually a clothing optional RV Resort and it's not to be confused with a campground.  It's a small community and you park on beautiful stone driveways.  There are many options available including Tiki Huts behind your spot and a view of the lake.  The Resort has one pool and two spas.  One of the spas has jets on a timer for a nice back massage.  The resort is well kept and very clean.  Standard nudist rules apply in all common areas.  There is also a clubhouse area with a bar and tables.  It also has bathrooms and outdoor showers.  This is a small but very nice resort. Here is where it gets strange.  You make your reservations on their website and you get a confirmation e-mail.  Keep it!  You're going to need it before you get to the resort.  The day before your arrival date, you'll get an e-mail reminding you that your reservation is for the next day and instructing you to call them TODAY (that's how they put it - in BIG LETTERS). 

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Mountain Creek Grove, Cleveland GA – Pt. 2

We decided to revisit "The Grove" for a 3-day weekend in June of 2015.  We had a problem with our motorhome on the first day so we didn't get out to the pool.  The facilities were nicely kept and we got set up quickly.  We did walk over late to the bar area and there wasn't much happening. The following day we got towels on some chairs and got some sun.  Eventually, a water volleyball game broke out and our male half played.  The rules were very loose but it was fun.  This was a theme night so we went with the theme.  It was a potluck dinner and the food was really good.  We talked to some locals during dinner and had pleasant conversation. This IS a lifestyle resort and we knew that.  After dinner, we walked around the RV court and talked to some people about various things not lifestyle related.  We decided to pull out some chairs and turn our stereo on to a nice reasonable level and enjoy the cool evening air.  Then, things turned bad. There is a center grassy area where people can tent camp.  Our neighbor decided to pull up a truck in

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