New Years at Paradise Valley

The end of 2011 had us at The Valley to experience the night life. A huge buffet with over 20 different things to eat and a champagne toast for $49.00. The DJ started with classic videos from the 70s and as the night went on, the videos got more current and raunchier. The Valley is providing an adult environment and adult activities happened on their own. Over the years, this reviewer has been in many sexually charged environments and there was a lot of "activity" happening around us. The "Nudist" might be uncomfortable in this environment. The Valley knows which side it's bread is buttered on and is riding the line between day and night life. It has to with sub 40s weather during the winter. It seemed as though most people had fun bringing in the new year. The mix of people there gave everyone something to do or see as long as they weren't prudes. What prude goes to a clothing optional resort anyway? Paradise Valley Website

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